Hotel Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer (W1800)


Model: D158
Specification: 220V-240V~, 50Hz/60Hz, 1800W
Color: Black/White
Feature: High-efficient and high-speed motor, micro safety switch; More concentrated wind and high efficient drying coming from pressurized wind-gathering outlet; One-piece noise reduction rear cover; Micro switch



Small body, super power

• Compact body for portable hand holding, 1800W super power for strong and fast drying hair without hair damaging

High-efficiency and high-speed motor

• AOLGA Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer D158 use high-quality DC motors

Wall-mounted hair dryer

• Especially suitable for hotels, guesthouses, clubs and other public places.

Micro safety switch

• The micro safety switch is specially set for safe use. Switching on when pushed by hand, and powering off when released, avoiding potential safety hazards caused by long-term use.

• The pressurized wind-gathering outlet makes wind more concentrated, and drying much more high efficient.


• Famous brand DC motor with high torque and high speed

• One-piece noise reduction rear cover reduces part of the noise generated when blowing.

• Coil spring power cable brings good extensibility, and can be stretched and contracted quickly, convenient to use without taking up extra space.



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